I am happy no one told me querying was a full-time job, otherwise I may never have finished my story.  Holy crow!  I can’t believe how many hours I’ve spent on this process!  Now I have 3 full-time jobs-teaching, mothering, and querying!  Oh, and somewhere in there, maybe I can write some new stuff!
As of today, I’ve queried 22 agents, and spent at least 22 hours querying those 22 agents-I’m quite sure.  So far, three rejections (new one today, Tara), and one partial request-which I’m waiting to hear on.  This last rejection to my email query was so kind and personalized that I was compelled to send a tiny snail mail thank you note-I appreciate kind rejection-definitely tosses a pillow under your butt on the fall down.
On an unrelated note, I am depressed to say I found one more thing I cannot eat anymore-Mentos-one of my favorites.  Dang things have wheat in them.


True Blood

Hi, I have nothing really to say today, except that I am so in love with the True Blood series, the and the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.  How will I ever get any new writing done when I can’t put down those books, stop Net Flixing True Blood, and oh, yeah-working?


Hi! I am a mom of two, and wife, and kindergarten teacher. (oops and writer)
This is my first entry on my crooked, cobblestoned, pot-holed road to publication.  I just finished my first YA novel and have started the query process.  All those addresses-I feel like a postal worker!  Thanks to email queries, I have been rejected twice, in speedy-fast time!  I am already starting to huff and puff, and I’ve only been at it a few days.  How am I going to wait?  Will be worse than a kid on December 26th, waiting for Santa’s next visit!