ShaNoWriMo word count: same as yesterday.  Unmotivated today.  It was nice out   (nice here means not raining) and I wanted to take a walk.  Love the crunchy leaves and smoky air.

Plus I spent time reading all the entries from Miss Snark’s Secret Agent contest.  Peeking at the comments on my entry with one eye opened and teeth clenched-yikes!  No, it wasn’t that bad, but criticism is hard, and good.  Throws me right back to art school days when each assignment we created had to be critiqued by the whole class, in front of the whole class.

It’s funny how you think of something to write, and you think you are so clear with your words, and then people don’t get it.  Oh well, I guess that’s why I should be in a critique group.  Anyway, kind of having one of those days where I feel like I need to toss the story in the trash because it must suck.  Tomorrow I’ll feel different.

Today I did get a very personal rejection that made me smile and feel hopeful.