Customer Service Rant

Sorry, I just have to let off steam, after returning from Walgreens-a store which makes me feel claustrophobic due to the volume of stuff in there.
What happened to customer service? What happened to the customer comes first? Prices keep going up, yet service in many stores is down. Oh wow, I sound like an old lady.
Anyway, I was at the store trying to find an ear-cleaning kit after my equilibrium nearly knocked me backwards on my butt at Costco the other day. (A store with awesome service) I waited at the counter, politely allowing the two, dim employees a chance to finish their personal conversation. They didn’t finish, but looked at me and kept chatting, before I interrupted them with my ear question. The look on their faces clearly told me I had inconvenienced the heck out of them. Grrrr.
I used to work retail, and I know December is no picnic. But come on! We were preached to, on a daily basis that the customer comes first. You stop what you’re doing to help them. Their presence means you have a job.
Have they changed their minds?
Anyone else sick of it? Can they give us a discount for crappy service, or a crappy service coupon? I’d like that.
Target, Macy’s, Costco. All=great service, well except for Black Friday and the incident my sister (who is divawriter, and I can’t figure out how to put her LJ link in here) and I encountered with a Target employee.

I am feeling like this guy: