Still waiting and unmotivated

Hello, I haven’t posted anything for awhile because I’ve been reading all of your postings.  I do get a lot of entertainment from them, so thank you, but I also waste a lot of time!
OK, it has been almost two months since I started querying.  As of today I have done 40 queries and have gotten 3 partial requests (2 of which earned me another punch on my Loserville card) and 21 rejections.  I am waiting on a response on a partial request, and waiting on 18 agents to respond.  Each day I get all excited to get home from work and use my precious two hours of quiet, kidless, husbandless house to work on my new story.  Then I find another reject in my Inbox and head straight to the couch to watch Days of Our Lives.  Today I actually made popcorn for lunch while I watched!  How can a person get motivated after daily deflation?
Other than that, I am happy for fall and Halloween and the blustery weather we have, which makes me want to bake, and eat it of course.  My baking is lazy now that I can’t have wheat/gluten anymore-I bought those pre-molded, pre-cut, jack oLantern stamped cookies for my kids to ‘make’ today.  They don’t taste good, but heck, they have sugar in them so of course I ate two (even though I am not supposed to have gluten).
My sugar rush did motivate me to send out 3 more queries though, and make compile my different list of agents to check out, in one spot.  Holy cow, there are at least 70 more.  Have a happy week everyone.