Apples and Optimism

Bummer, I got a big rejection today, the worst yet.  It was only on a partial, but this agent had actually called me, I’m sure to reject me.  When I told her I had rewritten what I sent, then she asked to see it.  Came back in the mail today with a "not working for me…I know you’ll make the right connection" (to another agent?).

On the upside, one of my little students (I teach kindergarten) brought me an apple the size of a newborn’s head!  She picked it this weekend in an orchard, in a town about 200 miles away from me.  The funny thing is that this town is the setting for my next story, which I FINALLY started writing today (Hey I have two pages!)

I like stuff like that.  Yes, I read a lot into things, but maybe that is optimism, I hope.