Time Wasting

For my day job (kindergarten teacher) I'm reading a book on teaching writing by Katie Wood Ray.  Katie mentions how satisfying it is for writers to do mundane tasks like dishes, and laundry, and picking up dog poop. (Uh, I make my kids do that). Anyway, she pointed out the fact that these tasks are there, visible and tangible and you know when you're finished. You can see the end. You fold the laundry, put it away, and check that off the to-do list. It's done. Unlike writing. I'm so glad to read in print that there is a reason I get up to take care of the dust bunny staring at me from the corner, or that urgent need to run to the store this minute because we have no milk. So much easier than facing a new, blank document or working on a novel outline, or on who I need to send the next query letter to!

So what on your to-do list takes you away from your writing? What's your favorite? Mine lately is wiping off the kitchen counter, and vacuuming.



1. My baby brother is an officer in the Navy, serving in Afghanistan for a year. He let us know about the coffee bar on base and how you can order cups of coffee for the troops.  Cup of Joe for a Joe You can donate any amount, starting at $2.00, plus you can personalize a note to the soldiers. I just donated 5 cups and it was really easy. Pass on the link!


2. Christmas movies have lured me away from my nightly writing and online stuff. Just watched It’s A Wonderful Life  last night and plan to watch the Family Man tonight. These are two of my favorites and I think it’s because I love all things angel and both have angels in them. Christmas Vacation is a hilarious family favorite and I know I shouldn’t let my kids watch it because of all the cussing but, oh well, I do. What is your favorite Christmas movie?


3. Speaking of Christmas, I’m almost sick of it. Sick of the commercialism and the stores and I’m almost ready to take my tree down and we still have 5 days to go! I swore I wasn’t going to do it this year–put up my decorations too early. I’m done with all shopping and wrapping, but still need to head to the store because we’ll be out of soap and TP and stuff by Tuesday. I want my Target back to normal, I’m burnt out and craving springtime.


4. New Year’s resolutions are around the corner and I’m afraid to peek at mine from last year. They say posting them publicly will make them happen, but I think the only thing it will accomplish is making me cringe. Feels like that forgotten container in your fridge, the one lurking behind the yogurt, next to that half-bag of frozen salad. Yikes, who wants to see that?

Have a happy week!

Christmas Distractions

The Christmas tree and the neighbors’ sparkly lights are distracting me from writing. I need a good, full, quiet day to kick myself in the tushy and get somewhere on my WIP! So many distractions this time of year! It also doesn’t help that the weather, and darkness by 5:00, make a person want to snuggle up in bed with a good book. Excuses, I know.

Sent off another query today. Waiting on a partial, which gives me that ‘report card’ feeling. Anyone else? Feels exactly the same!

Anyone finished with shopping? Anyone baking or doing fun crafts?

Christmas Cards

How many of you are sending Christmas cards this year? For the first time since my teens, I am not sending out cards. I feel a little bad about it! I recieved my first one in the mail yesterday, and felt so guilty I almost went out and bought some. I’d rather spend my time writing, and save a little money. Plus I am feeling a little lazy. I am sure, eventually, the pressure will send me to Hallmark for a few.

Christmas creeps in

I swore last year I wouldn’t let the stores and commercials bring Christmas into my house too early this year.

I swore the decorations would stay in the basement until after Thanksgiving.  But when I went down there to do laundry the other day, I forced myself through the creepy part of the basement, just to look and say ‘hi’ to our 20 bins of decor. And…one of the musical ornaments was playing.  That spooked me a little, because I was in the creepy part of the basement.  But needless to say, I have that Christmas itch already.

When I visited Hallmark the other day, I was so excited about one ornament I saw.  So excited, you’d have thought I got an agent!  It was from one of our family’s (the adult’s) favorite Christmas movies-Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.  The ornament is the nasty, rusted motorhome that the cousins show up in to celebrate Christmas with the Griswolds.  It even plays a line from the movie, although not our favorite line, which would be really inappropriate for a Hallmark shop.

I am going to go buy it today, and then take my kids to see Disney’s Christmas Carol.