Time Wasting

For my day job (kindergarten teacher) I'm reading a book on teaching writing by Katie Wood Ray.  Katie mentions how satisfying it is for writers to do mundane tasks like dishes, and laundry, and picking up dog poop. (Uh, I make my kids do that). Anyway, she pointed out the fact that these tasks are there, visible and tangible and you know when you're finished. You can see the end. You fold the laundry, put it away, and check that off the to-do list. It's done. Unlike writing. I'm so glad to read in print that there is a reason I get up to take care of the dust bunny staring at me from the corner, or that urgent need to run to the store this minute because we have no milk. So much easier than facing a new, blank document or working on a novel outline, or on who I need to send the next query letter to!

So what on your to-do list takes you away from your writing? What's your favorite? Mine lately is wiping off the kitchen counter, and vacuuming.