Critique Groups

After many query rejections and some positive feedback, I’ve just finished my latest revision of the story I ‘finished’ (ha, ha, ha) in August. There’s no doubt I’ve revised this thing at least ten times, and have edited it to death, edited in fact from 113,000 words down to 72,000. I can do no more, and I think it is finally time for a critique partner, or group.

Do all of you have them? I fear commitments like this, which is why I haven’t sought anyone out before. But I think I need it, and I don’t want to ask hubby to read it again, even though he is brutally honest.

Anyway, if you have a second, please let me know how you went about this process, and whether you and your critique partners do a line-by-line edit, or a global, big picture view.  Also, do you all write the same genre? Any feedback would be awesome!  Thanks!


More Contests!

I am addicted to contests!  Even though I never win anything, I keep on trying!  I’ve wasted nearly two hours this morning, Tweeting, Following, and scouring the web for dang contests!  Just full of energy from my breakfast of bacon, and Valentine chocolates one of my little kindergartners gave me.  Anyway, here are two great contests you can benefit from.  The first one, from author Shelli (who I was so excited to learn has written a MG book with angels!  Out on submission now!) has week long prizes with an awesome grand prize whether you are agented yet or not!

The other is from author Elana Johnson
Both offer critiquing prizes!  Speaking of, you still have a couple days to bid on the manuscript critique auction from new agent  !

Good luck!!!