More Contests!

I am addicted to contests!  Even though I never win anything, I keep on trying!  I’ve wasted nearly two hours this morning, Tweeting, Following, and scouring the web for dang contests!  Just full of energy from my breakfast of bacon, and Valentine chocolates one of my little kindergartners gave me.  Anyway, here are two great contests you can benefit from.  The first one, from author Shelli (who I was so excited to learn has written a MG book with angels!  Out on submission now!) has week long prizes with an awesome grand prize whether you are agented yet or not!

The other is from author Elana Johnson
Both offer critiquing prizes!  Speaking of, you still have a couple days to bid on the manuscript critique auction from new agent  !

Good luck!!!


7 thoughts on “More Contests!

  1. Hey Shannon!
    I clicked on your cute pic after seeing it at manydwriter’s page. I had to comment because I empathize- twittering and blog reading away to find those contests. It seems so much more interesting than the impersonal query/rejection cycle.

    Do you follow @Georgia_McBride? Her YA ning is holding a contest right now with winners to be passed along to Sourcebook Fire. Check it out! And if your entered already, good luck.

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