Why Do You Write What You Write?

What inspires you to write what you write about? I thought about this the other day and came up with my inspirations: Scooby, Stephen and Steven.

For my older kidlit writing, I love writing mystery so I know a childhood of watching Scooby Doo had something to do with it.

I totally love movies where people are on the menu (although I haven’t written any stories about that yet) and JAWS is my very favorite, and the best. Sorry, Sharknado.

When I was a teen I gobbled up everything and anything by this King of writing.

Somehow my favorite movies happen to have been made by this Steven. “They’re here.”

And I’ve been a fan of this soap since I was probably 8. As a teen I even swore to name my son after Jack Devereaux. And I did. (But I sorta named him after my Grandpa Jack too) Ok I know this doesn’t really go with the top four but this is where the romance comes in, a lot of romance, and suspense.

I know there are many more inspirations I could list but these are what came to mind first.

Mystery, suspense, blood, people getting eaten by creatures, ghosts and all things supernatural, and romance!

Tell me what inspires you?