Why Do You Write What You Write?

What inspires you to write what you write about? I thought about this the other day and came up with my inspirations: Scooby, Stephen and Steven.

For my older kidlit writing, I love writing mystery so I know a childhood of watching Scooby Doo had something to do with it.

I totally love movies where people are on the menu (although I haven’t written any stories about that yet) and JAWS is my very favorite, and the best. Sorry, Sharknado.

When I was a teen I gobbled up everything and anything by this King of writing.

Somehow my favorite movies happen to have been made by this Steven. “They’re here.”

And I’ve been a fan of this soap since I was probably 8. As a teen I even swore to name my son after Jack Devereaux. And I did. (But I sorta named him after my Grandpa Jack too) Ok I know this doesn’t really go with the top four but this is where the romance comes in, a lot of romance, and suspense.

I know there are many more inspirations I could list but these are what came to mind first.

Mystery, suspense, blood, people getting eaten by creatures, ghosts and all things supernatural, and romance!

Tell me what inspires you?


6 thoughts on “Why Do You Write What You Write?

  1. I have almost every Scooby Doo movie ever made, Jaws is my favorite movie and Stephen King one of my very favorite writers! Can’t wait to read a book that was born from such inspiration!

  2. What a great list! I’m a child of the 80’s, so John Hughes films are a huge influence on me, as well as The Goonies, Weird Science, the Complete Works of O. Henry and the endless Roald Dahl books I read as a kid, and the people I knew (Grandpa never failed to produce a completely age-inappropriate and hilarious story from his Navy days), and the many places we lived–from Baton Rouge to North Carolina, Chicago, New York and beyond. Place means a great deal to me in my stories. I often find I can’t reach the heart of the story till I’ve landed in the right place. It’s fun to think about how all of these things have influenced me, and continue to influence me, including all of the incredible books I read now. 🙂

    • Oh yes, the 80’s stuff too! We could really make our lists novel length, huh? 😃 So much great influence! Ok now you make me want to watch Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club 💚💜❤️

  3. I’m your lost twin! lol What inspires me are exactly what you named, and “Jaws” is my #1 fav movie. I started watching DOOL at about 8, too. Jack was such a clown! I love Dierdre Hall and can’t believe She’s still on it. She must have taken that elixir from “Death Becomes Her.” lol

    (Laura_6 from the Blueboards)

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