Projects that keep me from writing

Check out the son’s new room! I should’ve put up a before picture but just imagine two shades of baby blue. This was a fun project but I’m glad it’s done. If you hover the mouse over each picture there is an explanation.

Umm, the 7 yr old has a desk 3 times bigger than mine!
I wanted to paint the hallway side red too but ran out of paintThose aren't stickers. Thank you Shone Figgins for being a great model.Jack has every baseball, basketball and football team represented. Hubby put up the awesome moulding. Lots of swearing on that one.OK both kids have a nicer closet than me. Not right.


Christmas creeps in

I swore last year I wouldn’t let the stores and commercials bring Christmas into my house too early this year.

I swore the decorations would stay in the basement until after Thanksgiving.  But when I went down there to do laundry the other day, I forced myself through the creepy part of the basement, just to look and say ‘hi’ to our 20 bins of decor. And…one of the musical ornaments was playing.  That spooked me a little, because I was in the creepy part of the basement.  But needless to say, I have that Christmas itch already.

When I visited Hallmark the other day, I was so excited about one ornament I saw.  So excited, you’d have thought I got an agent!  It was from one of our family’s (the adult’s) favorite Christmas movies-Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.  The ornament is the nasty, rusted motorhome that the cousins show up in to celebrate Christmas with the Griswolds.  It even plays a line from the movie, although not our favorite line, which would be really inappropriate for a Hallmark shop.

I am going to go buy it today, and then take my kids to see Disney’s Christmas Carol.