Valentine Giveaway!


Valentine’s Giveaway!

My MC Kara is a baker and she thinks winning a Valentine’s baking contest will help her escape life, so in honor of Kara, I’m giving away a hardcover copy of From Where I Watch You, baking treats, and writerly treats!

Enter a comment here, or Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (@Shannywriter) or Facebook (Shannon Grogan). RT’s and shares get you another entry! Ends noon on February 14th! Good luck and thanks  for entering!

Sorry, US only!

If you’d like to enter my Goodreads giveaway, click here. Ends February 23rd 🙂


Time Wasting

I should be revising my novel, but instead I’m doing time-wasting things, like ordering clearance Christmas wrapping paper from this place

My daughter’s karaoke songs keep popping up on the iPod so I’m also wasting time singing along to those.  Today I have 4 kids in the house so this is a huge distraction.

Here is the latest batch of cookies I baked.  They are Linzer cookies which I made gluten-free with rice flour (I was pretty excited about this!)  I am posting all cookie pictures in honor of my WIP, which is waiting for me to get on with it and stop wasting time. 
Have a happy week!



1. My kids have this holiday tradition of catching every bug that blows through town from November to December!  My son has the nerve to get sick three days before Christmas!  So I ask you, am I a bad mother to let him watch TV all day?  He is running through our collection of Christmas DVDs.  An hour ago it was Rudolph, now I hear the Heat Miser singing his little fiery jingle.  Those of you with kids, do you let them watch TV all day when they’re sick?  Just curious.

2. In honor of my current WIP, I’ve decided to post pictures of every cookie I bake.  These  
were baked the other day, and I baked a different batch of cookies after that, but those are gone.  Darn, they were pretty too.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

Everything but Writing

This is what I’m doing.

Baking, cleaning, sweating, playing in the kiddie pool, sifting bugs out of the kiddie pool, sweeping grass off my kitchen floor 10 times a day, yelling at kids, locking the door so kids can’t come in so I can read or get online, spraying sunscreen on kids, feeding kids, and eating too many Fudgesicles.

Everything but writing. Unless you count fixing my query letter. I’m ripping my hair out over it and it really hurts because my scalp is sunburned.

Okay enough whining.

Aren’t these cute cupcakes? My daughter and I made them for my son’s birthday party. The theme is ‘almost campout’ so we’ll have kids from 5-9pm. We found the idea online and used chocolate rocks, Tootsie Roll fire logs, orange jelly candy as fire, and the pretzel and mini marshmallow make a great roasting stick.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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