Everything but Writing

This is what I’m doing.

Baking, cleaning, sweating, playing in the kiddie pool, sifting bugs out of the kiddie pool, sweeping grass off my kitchen floor 10 times a day, yelling at kids, locking the door so kids can’t come in so I can read or get online, spraying sunscreen on kids, feeding kids, and eating too many Fudgesicles.

Everything but writing. Unless you count fixing my query letter. I’m ripping my hair out over it and it really hurts because my scalp is sunburned.

Okay enough whining.

Aren’t these cute cupcakes? My daughter and I made them for my son’s birthday party. The theme is ‘almost campout’ so we’ll have kids from 5-9pm. We found the idea online and used chocolate rocks, Tootsie Roll fire logs, orange jelly candy as fire, and the pretzel and mini marshmallow make a great roasting stick.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Everything but Writing

  1. Re: Awesome!

    Thanks, Christy! The whole cupcake thing is because of my daughter and her ideas, you know, ‘hey, mom can I do this?’ and 1/4 of the way through she fizzles out and I end up finishing!:)

  2. Thanks, Karen! It is fun and busy and I thought I’d have lots of writing time but so far…nope. Oh well, sometimes its too hot to sit in front of the computer anyway 🙂

  3. Awesome!

    I love the cupcakes. And as one mommy to another, I wouldn’t expect that kind of cupcake from a mommy that is constantly pulling junk out of the kiddie pool, like you are. You go girl. If I did cup cakes, they would be topped with . . . crap . . .nothing. there wouldn’t even be cupcakes.

    You RaWk!

    Christy (via Verla Kay)

  4. Chocolate rocks are so good. I remember when my mom made me first eat them, telling me they were real and I had to eat them. I was near tears, worrying about painful, busted teeth!

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