A List Blog and Our New Dog

1. I’ve decided my favorite blogs to read are list blogs where the blog writer numbers everything.  I love to read blogs and I tend to skip really long blogs because I’m using time I should be spending writing.  I know you all know how I feel.  You look up at the clock and think, holy cow, now I’ve wasted all my writing time and it’s time to make dinner!  With that said, I will write my blogs this way from now on.  Or until next week when I’ve forgotten that I was going to write my blogs this way.

2. It’s been difficult to get anything done because of this.  Our new puppy, a chihuahua named Pepper.  So fun and adorable, until she poops on the floor.  She’s getting better, but we’ve run through a whole container of Lysol wipes.  I don’t love being reminded of the days when I potty-trained my kids.

3. I’m 27,000 words into my WIP, which I’m so excited about, and which distracts me from the query blues on my other story.

4. So all summer I’ve hardly written, because I’ve been hanging out with my kids and watching too many movies, and eating too much ice cream.  So in the past week I’ve really been on a roll with the WIP and the bummer is that now it’s time to go back to the classroom and get ready for the job I’m actually paid for.  My kids on the other hand, can’t wait for school.  They’re sick of summer, sick of the pool, sick of entertaining the dog, etc.

5. The thing that I look forward to at this time of year is when Target, the best store on earth, moves all of their back-to-school stuff out and moves all the Halloween stuff in!  I’m guessing I have about a two-week wait to see that.  I’ve already decided I’m putting up Halloween lights inside around my writing nook, and leaving them up until it’s time to put up Christmas lights.  I think I’m inspired artistically by decorative lights.  I’ll post a picture when I get them.  How about you?  What are you looking forward to now that summer is ending?

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11 thoughts on “A List Blog and Our New Dog

  1. Numbered post are easy to read, but puppies alway stop me in my tracks 🙂

    Hey, and I’m right there with you on the trying to focus on the WIP and forget the query blues. We can do it!

  2. The summer flew by and when I looked out on the lawn today there were already tons of dried up yellow leaves from the magnolia tree! Not right! But actually the clouds came out and the wind blew a lot today and I sort of liked it! I’m more creative in stormy weather.

  3. My kids are so done with everything summer. I love the freedom of summer, even just with things like no socks, no coats, not really having to dry your hair. Its getting darker earlier too–I hate that!

  4. cute puppy! I also love lists. I can’t believe summer’s ending already, some of the leaves are turning yellow and orange here and it’s the middle of August!!! I look forward to fall for my writing time (when my youngest is in preschool) and of course all the fun holidays.

  5. Pepper is adorable! Wish I could gift you with the remaining puppy training pads I have that I used when my dear, sweet Loba became incontinent. But – we’re not exactly right around the corner! And – I love numbered posts, too! 🙂

    And – I love those previously posted campout cupcakes! Too cute!

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