Holy Thursday, Titanic, and Hunger Games

1. Lent is over, it's Holy Thursday and I meant to post more often. You know since I gave up TV I should've had more time, right? But I did get more revising done and that's always good. Plus I had report cards and conferences in there too. But honestly my Lent cheating guilt kept me from posting. Jesus suffered and starved so I couldn't come on here and post how the stress of 22 kindergartners forced me into Starbucks a few times in those 40 days, could I?

2. I've seen Hunger Games twice now, so obviously I love it. I never see movies twice in the theater because who can afford it? But we have an old, cheap theater nearby, complete with a stage, velvet curtains, and Christmas trees that adorn each side of the stage year-round. The owner smokes in the box office but the tickets and popcorn are cheap! Since it's spring break I may have to take the kids to it again. I'm thrilled they stayed true to the book, but of course I always want more. But then they can't do a five hour movie, can they? Darn.

3. Speaking of seeing movies more than once in the theater, I did take my daughter and her friend to see Titanic last night. Back when it came out in 1997, before I had kids and was about 50 pounds lighter, my sister and I saw it twice in the theater. And since then I've watched it about 100 times on TV. I'm not sure why they re-released it in 3D. I'm not a fan of 3D movies. Number one I hate putting glasses on over my glasses and number two I have to take Dramamine so I don't get sick. Dramamine makes me sleepy. Titanic is a 3 hour movie. Still loved it but so glad when the credits rolled.

4. The highlight of my life is coming soon: The SCBWI Western Washington Conference! Yes I'm excited about what I'll learn and the online friends I'll get to see. But what I am most excited about (and always am) is the two days away from home and family and only having to clothe and feed and care for MYSELF! Is that horrible? Well really if it is I don't care.