When do you start the next story?

When do you start your next story?  Part of me is itching to start the next one, yet trying to find an agent for the first one.  I feel like I’m abandoning the first one, like the sack of junk I left at the Goodwill last week.  My heart wants to stay with those characters, while the brain is yelling at me to stop ignoring new ideas.  How long did any of you wait before you started? Also, I am in week four of querying, with 7 rejections, one partial (still waiting), and the rest I haven’t heard.  Okay, so that’s two questions: how long did you wait before starting the next story, and how long did it take get an agent?  Thanks, and happy Sunday!


6 thoughts on “When do you start the next story?

  1. I found that working on new projects while querying was the only thing that kept me sane! And now that I finally have an agent and my work is on submission, the only thing keeping me from pulling my hair out while I wait for responses is my WIP. So, clearly, my advice is to get going on something new if you’re inspired, and maybe it will help with the ups and downs of querying.

    Oh and it took me over a year, maybe closer to a year and a half, before I found an agent. But all that time I was writing, writing, writing, and it was actually a later project that got me the agent, not the one I first started querying with.

    Good luck and happy writing!

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