Thanks for the books you recommend!

I am happy to go into the weekend without anymore stinky rejections in my inbox!  Thank you to whomever it was that recommended ‘Hooked’ by Les Edgerton!  I started reading it yesterday, and it explains so well the importance of the beginning of your story.  I think, based on his advice, that mine is on the right track, (of course I could edit more but ask me if I really want to) but my new WIP definitely is not.  I’m only 4 pages in so its okay.

I recommended Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater to the lady on the radio today.  She is obsessed with Twilight and was sad about finishing the 4th book.  I emailed her, suggesting this book since it is story about forbidden love and werewolves.  I never thought I’d get a reply, but she did, very excited over going to look for Shiver over the weekend.  Made me smile.  This DJ has sons in college and her favorite book is YA.  I love it.


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