Well, careful what you wish for.  Yesterday I just wished for some news.  Today i got it-two more rejections.  Grrr.  Time to send out more queries.

I feel left out, not participating in NaNoWriMo.  I just can’t commit so I decided to do my own version, and I am calling it ShanNoWriMo.  I’ll post the word count on my new WIP each time I post.

Good luck to everyone doing it!


6 thoughts on “Grrrr

  1. Sorry about the Rs! But good for you for sending out more queries. I love how many people are doing their own versions of NaNo this year – it’s all about the spirit of communal writing (word count doesn’t really matter all that much).

  2. I’m almost done with the first draft of my WIP, so I could do NaNo…but I can’t decide. Part of me really wants to begin revisions on this one, and part of me wants to get going on the second book.

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