ShaNoWriMo word count: 2,941

Tuesday night, and only a little while before V starts.  That’s a new show on abc, if you didn’t know.  I loved the original show in the 80’s and watched it faithfully in high school/junior high, I can’t remember.  I am not a real sci fi fanatic, but I’m always intrigued by movies and shows where people are on the menu. (JAWS is one of my favorite movies)  I remember the original V where a girl discovered a giant fridge, full of dead bodies, hung up like salamis.  Sorry to gross everyone out.

Back to writing.  I’m trying hard to not get bogged into editing, and just writing fast.  My characters were very entertaining today, making me laugh my fool head off.  Also trying to avoid my inbox and forget about the queries I’m waiting on.

My kids’ Halloween candy is in the pantry, a foot away from my computer.  I have been a pretty good girl-only stole a few pieces today!