Typing through tears as I listen to the memorial on TV for the four police officers killed in a coffee shop here in Western Washington last week. It’s been a really sad day around here, and this morning as I drove to school, a procession of police cars with flashing lights only, no sirens, passed by on the way to the memorial. The sight was overwhelming.

Today, my sister and I found out that the mom of one of my daughter’s classmates from last year, died last week. She has two beautiful boys, was a hard-working single mom who devoted her time off to helping at school. She was amazing, and this is all too sad.

On the radio this morning, the local country station had a guest-Joel Osteen-a preacher from Texas, who I absolutely adore, and try to watch on Monday nights if I remember. I am not a holy roller, and barely get my Catholic butt to church on a regular basis, but I am spiritual in every way, and believe there is a reason for everything. Anyway, Joel said on the radio ‘if God gave you breath this morning, then He isn’t done with you yet. If He was then He would’ve called you home.’

I loved that, and will do my best to live by it daily, because I have a lot to do. Bless all of you.


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