Sunday Sleepies

I’m tired.  The effect of losing one hour of sleep is probably all in my mind, but I did use it as an excuse to skip church this morning.  How about you?  Anyone else feel the effects?

Like I needed another product to make my butt any bigger.  Friday I discovered It’s no Nutella, which is now banned from my house.  Of course, I bought it for my children.

Thank you to the fellow LJer who suggested this tea   Wow!  I am on my third box!  I think even if you aren’t a tea drinker, you’d love this.  It’s just hot, cinnamon, calorie-free (if you put Splenda in it) comfort.

One of the gazillion contests I entered won me a partial request submission.  Out of 300 entries, 70 of us recieved requests, including my sis   so I’m excited, even though that’s still a lot of entries.
I am going to get my big butt out of this chair and take my kids for a bike ride.  Then it’s back to querying.  Or working on WIP.  Or maybe a nap.  Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Sleepies

  1. Congrats on the request! It may be a small bit of good news, but it still deserves some celebration. 🙂 And yes, I had to ban Nutella from my house because I’d started eating it with a spoon. Just call me Miss Piggy. Oink.

  2. Yay, I know it will be! My sis and i are going to the SCBWI out here in April, where I have the possibility of having an agent critique the first page of either novel (a whole whopping paragraph, maybe two). We were too late to sign up for the one-one agent conferences 😦
    Good luck, Patty!

  3. We should buy stock in the Good Earth tea company:)

    Congratulations and good luck on the partial–and the querying.

    I’ve got my new query letter ready and next weekend I’m going to the novel writers retreat at Vermont College where my first pages are getting critiqued. So I’ll be back to full force querying soon. Maybe this will be the year both of us get agents.

  4. We have to go on Nutella bans every now and then, too, because it seems whenever we have it in the house. it’s ALL my kids will eat.

    Congrats on the partial request!

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