Attention, Fellow Notebook Hoarders!

Thanks to a post by  I found out that Etsy sells more than just jewelry and accesories.  They sell notebooks!  Since her post I have ordered a notebook for myself and for my sister  ‘s birthday (no peeking, sis!)

As I have a special affinity for Moleskin notebooks, this notebook is speeding its way through the mail to me.  A little spendy for a notebook, but as I am a true hoarder, I will keep it forever!  Thank you, Jessica!


3 thoughts on “Attention, Fellow Notebook Hoarders!

  1. I bet he’s thrilled. That’s awesome and a ton of work.

    I have a can of the same red color if you want it. One day while I was writing, my husband went and bought the paint and did a small room downstairs. It was a shock to come downstairs and find the slate gray room was now very red.

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