ARC Giveaway!

**Giveaway is now closed** Thanks to everyone who entered! See below for the winner! I will be posting another giveaway soon!

I’m giving away an ARC of Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff. Below is my mini review, and the details on how to win it and a little chocolate, because hey, it’s Valentines week!

No spoilers here! I’m not giving a synopsis of this YA mystery/thriller, I don’t review that way. I just like to tell you how much I enjoyed the story. If I didn’t enjoy it then I wouldn’t give this mini review.

I was overjoyed to pick this ARC up at ALA Midwinter last month! I was already a fan of Brenna’s after reading The Replacement a couple of years ago so I knew I couldn’t go wrong, and this book did not disappoint me!

Why did I like this story? Come on, it’s dark and there are ghosts and blood and some of my other favorite elements, all mixed together! I admit, the beginning didn’t quite hook me the way The Replacement did, but I do have an aversion to summer heat so this might be why. But all it takes is for one ghost to appear and I’m hooked! The tension grows throughout the story, and especially after protagonist Hannah’s unlikely love interest enters the picture. Which all means, I couldn’t put this down! Because the other things I love in a book are creepy and possibly-forbidden love.  Love them! The end has a little twist that I didn’t see coming. I mean it–I couldn’t put this down–I read it in 1.5 days, and stayed up late on a school night to finish it!

Here’s How You Win (There are two ways to win!):

1. Follow me on Twitter! @Shannywriter. Reply to me with the words “ARC Giveaway”. If you’re already following me, do the same reply.

2. Or, follow this blog (and leave a comment below so I know you are interested in the giveaway). And if you already follow this blog, leave a comment below.

PS: If you do both things, that’s two chances to win!

The giveaway ends at 2:14pm (PST) on February 14, 2013. And sorry, you have to live in the United States because I’m a poor teacher and I can’t afford international shipping!

Update: The winner of this giveaway is: ANNASTAN! Congratulations, Anna! Please email your address (or PM me on Verla Kay) so I can send this to you!  ShannyMB(at)msn(dot)com


16 thoughts on “ARC Giveaway!

  1. ARCs are a great way to “meet” an author I’m not familiar with. And the kids in my library love the idea that they are reading something before their friends at another school can!

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