Kindergarten Writing

My kindergartners are making a Thanksgiving recipe book to share over the holiday. Their writing at this point is picture-heavy, with strings of random letters, and some of the letter sounds they hear (most can write ‘trke’ for ‘turkey’). I had them write their recipes, but here is what two of them dictated to me. The kids crack me up, and it is fun to watch them grow as writers.

Recipe for: Turkey

Temperature: Hot

Cooking Time: 12 minutes

I put milk and sugar in it. it makes it so yummy. I eat it with potatoes. Yummy.

Recipe for: Chicken

Temperature: 9 degrees

Cooking Time: 8 minutes

You get a thing and you put it with the chicken. Then you seal it with happiness. Put it in the microwave 8 minutes. Then you open it and then you get a knife and try to cut the chicken. Then you eat!

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