Treadmill Desk

I’ve had my treadmill almost a year and have been waiting for hubby to build me a desk thingy to go over it or on top or whatever, so I can write. And, yay, he finally did it! It’s a little rough in spots but it works great! Everything he used he found in the garage, including an old closet rod!

And here is another view:

Healthier writing life for me! 🙂


ALA Midwinter Seattle

>DecJan2013 118
This is my daughter with cardboard Amelia Bedelia

Wow. I’ve never been to one of these before, and thought I should probably take ONE of my kids (one because for two of us it cost $70 to get in–totally worth it though). So I took my daughter, and did bring back many books for my son as well.

Here she is with all of her ARCs


And here is what I brought home.

DecJan2013 120

I will read and review and share them when I’m done, maybe with some blog-following contests or something. I better get busy reading! 🙂

What a fun day!

Candy and the Beach

Ever since I read Sweetly by Jackson Pearce, I’ve been craving the candied lemons described in the story. Ok so you can’t get them at Target or my usual shopping spots, so when we found them here in Long Beach yesterday, imagine my excitement!

The guy behind the candy shop counter probably thought I was weird, getting all excited about fake fruit candy, and I’m sure he was annoyed when I made him pick out only the lemon and lime and orange slices, because I didn’t want watermelon or raspberry. Oh well.

We rode our bikes for miles to get to this picture (of my kids), which is right around the corner from the candy shop. I took off riding on nearly flat tires, not knowing it was the bike that was slow and not the rider who hadn’t ridden her bike since last summer. But the sore butt and legs and kids yelling at mom to hurry up was all worth those little candied fruits!